Put our team of expert speaker coordinators to work planning your next event. We understand the speaker identification and confirmation process can be complex and requires a great deal of time and detailed communications. The Site Solutions Worldwide expert staff can assist at every level, from researching and reviewing potential speaker lists, to handling the logistics for the approved speakers to have a seamless and successful presentation. We understand that written communications and detailed follow-up with each speaker are crucial to proper meeting execution and your attendees’ experience.

Why use Site Solutions Worldwide for Speaker Coordination?

  • We appreciate that your speakers time is valuable and we work with them to meet your deadlines

  • We have a proven track record of successful execution and utilize detailed timelines to accomplish your goals and objectives

  • We have successful relationships with accrediting organizations to aid with your CEU/CME processes

  • We offer streamlined electronic Call for Papers and Abstract submittal processes

  • We provide you with the essential information you need to create an agenda that will leave a lasting, positive experience for your attendees.

 VIP Management is all part of Speaker Coordination.  Our team will work with you to provide professional communication and follow-up with the highest level of detail.  We have worked with World Leaders, US Presidents, Secretaries of State, Nobel Prize Winners, CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, student poster presenters and delegates of our client conferences.  Everyone is treated as a guest keynote speaker.

Whether you need us to act as a liaison between you and your VIPs to directly ascertain lodging, honorarium, travel and hospitality requirements, our seasoned VIP Coordinators will handle every arrangement with a personalized touch – right down to a personalized amenity and a hand-written “thank you” note from you.