Social Media Support


Let Us Help You Define Your Conference or Event Social Media Strategy

Site Solutions World Wide staff has the experience to help you use social media tools that will engage your community online and achieve your conference goals.  By partnering with you and your staff we can help you leverage your existing social media tools or assist you in launching a brand new social media campaign for your conference. Here are just a few ways social media can make your conference or event even better.

Identify & Grow Your Community

Access new online community members and grow your online community.

Create Event Buzz

Use social media to give attendees and exhibitors a better experience before, during, and

after an event. Increase interaction between your conference communities.

Recruit New Conference Attendees

Use social media to identify, attract and invite potential new attendees to learn about and register for the conference or event.

Enhance Social Networking

Create a better conference value for your community by encouraging interaction between people with related interests, and launching discussions among community members online.

Social Media Connectivity at Event

Create an online experience during your conference that enhances the on line experience for your attendees during the event. Create a real time buzz for specific events.

Exhibitor Recruitment

Attract exhibitors by identifying their preferred social media communities.

Gather Conference Attendee Feedback

Use social media to help create even better events, gather feedback, or collect data on

critical issues.