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About Us

Site Solutions Worldwide is all about service, understanding what is important to our clients and exceeding their expectations.  In order to accomplish this, we hire individuals that not only meet the requirements in the meetings industry, but are people oriented, down to earth and willing to be involved.   We understand that you do not hire a meeting services company, you hire people!  This takes special attention to how well our people listen, their problem solving skills, communication and teamwork.  

While this company started as a simple site selection company, we quickly grew to a full service meeting planning organization based on the needs and requests from our clients and our service level to them. Each and every one of our services has been developed for the purpose of providing the highest level of service to our clients.   OUR CLIENTS COME FIRST!  ALWAYS!!

We’ve developed a culture that revolves around teams and communication.  Our goal is not to take over, but to be an integral part of your organization.   Each client is assigned a Site Solutions Worldwide team that becomes an extension of our clients staff as described in our Team Approach.  Each team member wants to be involved with your organization.  We want to hear and be a part of your brainstorming and planning sessions.  All of them. This is the best way for us to be the best that we can for you. We strive to hear from your attendees as if we worked right there in your office. 

Because we work with so many different types of groups and organizations from corporate, to non-for-profit, association and government, we bring diverse experience and a vast wealth of knowledge to each of our clients.