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Site Solutions Worldwide offers complimentary site selection and contract negotiations to our clients. We assist you at every step in negotiating prices on guestrooms, meeting space, client or group concessions, food and beverage minimums and work to ensure that you are protected with contract language that mitigates overall losses and are getting the most return on your investment.

We maintain excellent relationships with a global network of resorts, hotels, conference centers and event venues by supplying these properties with detailed client profiles, ensuring success throughout the process. Our long-term dealings with these properties will provide you with access to a volume buying power that far exceeds the individual customer’s. The professional liaison relationship we cultivate among all involved parties ensures our clients are informed and in control at every stage of the process.

You will quickly learn that we are not the typical site selection company.

We stay with you all the way to the review of the final bill.

How do we do this? By taking the time to:

  • Get To Know You - We listen to your needs and develop a specific client profile that details your mission, goals, objectives, and program agenda - with these details we can match you to the best potential venues.

  • Assist You In Selecting The Site - We thoroughly research your preferred cities and properties to provide you with fact based comparison spreadsheets; thereby, providing you with the necessary venue collateral to assist with presentations to top level decision makers for final approvals

  • Share Your Customer Profile - We believe interaction among all involved parties creates a strong team environment which sets us apart from our competition ensuring the commitment of the venues and vendors which contribute to your success.

  • Conduct Site Inspections - We highly recommend site vists for any venue. These may be conducted in person by you, our staff, your volunteers, or any combination of team members. We develop a detailed agenda to provide the necessary tools for conducting effective site inspections, i.e. site inspection check lists, rating sheets, and a final report of all venues visited.

  • Negotiate Contracts - We have a proven track record over the last decade demonstrating our ability to successfully negotiate contracts. Site Solutions Worldwide provides for the inclusion of all pertinent contract clauses which protect you, maximizing your budget and mitigating loss. Our clients consistently save money through our negotiated prices on guestrooms, meeting space, client or group concessions, food and beverage minimums, and are protected with contract language that mitigates overall losses.

  • Provide Reminders - We provide reminders of pertinent date related issues such as: upcoming deposit requirements, cut-off dates, review of room block reductions, periodic guestroom reports; all designed to provide you with advanced warning if you are running into any potential attrition penalties

  • Consult Throughout the Entire Process

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