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Site Solutions Worldwide holds itself to the highest standards in customer service. A team approach has been adopted by the company using the following principles as a guide:

  • Trust one another
  • Engage in unfiltered conflict around ideas 
  • Commit to decisions and plans of actions
  • Hold one another accountable for delivering against those plans
  • Focus on the achievement of collective results



Site Solutions Worldwide has been working with Corporate, Association and Government clients with programs of varying sizes simultaneously for many years and has never had a failure. Development of our Executive Team, strong communication through weekly timeline exchange, teleconferencing, phone and e-mails and assigning project managers to oversee projects are a key part of our success


Site Solutions Worldwide is a comprehensive meeting services partner. We deliver successful, perfectly-organized events through superior service and innovative cost-effective solutions from our highly experienced team of dedicated professionals.

Planning any event takes a team of people.

From all of our years of experience, we’ve learned that the best formula for success is developing strong teams.  Not just internally but as part of our clients extended staff.  With each program, we assign team members based on the services requested and the experience that the client deserves.  We encourage participation of all team members (client staff and SSW staff) in all planning meetings.  We have developed outstanding communication processes that ensure that each team member is fully informed on all aspects of each project to include working timelines and group emails.  This ensures productivity and continuity throughout the planning process

How we become an extension of your staff

We take great pride in working so closely with your staff and your members/ attendees/ delegates, that they don’t recognize the difference between us.  Because our clients come first, so do your attendees.  Our policy is to make ourselves available and to have the answers ready for any staff member if on the off chance any team member is unavailable to answer a question.   We frequently receive phone calls from attendees with questions in relation to conferences and look forward to seeing them on site at the conference.  

Post Conference Debriefs

Equally important is learning from each conference what worked and what can be done better the next time around.  By encouraging “strong team” principles throughout the planning and execution of each project, all team members are encouraged to honestly provide input to create lessons learned and review analytical information for future decision making.