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Hotel Contract Clauses

"The APEC CEO Summit brought together 21 World Leaders and 1500 Top CEO from around the APEC region, including President Obama. We have used other meeting planning companies in the past, and have found that Site Solutions has a highly professional team, obsessive attention to detail and solid reliability. If they are taking care of something, we can relax and forget about it; it will be done right, it will be done on time and it will be done within budget. Importantly to us, they do all of that with a keen eye to costs, which is critical for a non-profit organization like ours."

Monica Hardy Whaley
Executive Director
National Center for APEC


"I want you to know your commitment to us as your client and your commitment to principles of your business reflect very highly on the professionalism of SSW.  Thanks once again for everything you and your team did to make 2011 a success."

Rob Modarelli

Executive Vice President

U.S. National Center for APEC


If you are bringing a group to any major sporting event, then you know you need to find the best hotel partners to specifically fit your needs. Whether you need long term stays for your planning and production staff or you need a small block of rooms for VIP clients during the event, you can rely on our experience in working with all hotel chains and independent properties to provide you with options that are just what you are looking for.  


In addition to providing you with a variety of venues to choose from,  we stay with you until your last guest checks out of their room and the final master account is thoroughly reviewed.  Our international experiences are vast and the benefits immeasurable in providing consultation when negotiating hotel contracts for your guestroom blocks. 


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