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SSW Volunteer Day - The Chamber Angels

Posted by Kristina Agresta on Thu, Dec 7, 2017



Topics: Team Building, Holidays, Volunteer

Be Creative on Global Meeting Industry Day

Posted by Candice McRacken on Thu, Apr 6, 2017

You never know when an idea is going to strike!  You could be driving, sleeping or running a marathon.  Once the idea is there, you question how crazy it might sound at first or if it will even go over well.  Could we get a troupe of stunt bike riders to perform for the opening session?  Can we transform this blank open space into a futuristic Moroccan oasis?  Yes!


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Team building and ice breakers

Posted by Debra Marshall on Thu, Apr 25, 2013

You’ve probably never had to sit through a daylong meeting where you suffered “death through PowerPoint”.   I’m sure that all of the meetings that you have attended or planned have had riveting content and stimulating interaction between attendees. TB Unfortunately I haven’t been so lucky.  So when I was asked to plan a two day team meeting for a rambunctious group of sales people I took out my thinking cap and tried to come up with an inexpensive and creative way to bring some life back into the process. 

Taking my queue from the popular NBC television game show “Minute to Win It” I borrowed a few of their games of skill to pepper into the long days of training. 


Topics: Conference Management, Team Building