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Be Creative on Global Meeting Industry Day

Posted by Candice McRacken on Thu, Apr 6, 2017

You never know when an idea is going to strike!  You could be driving, sleeping or running a marathon.  Once the idea is there, you question how crazy it might sound at first or if it will even go over well.  Could we get a troupe of stunt bike riders to perform for the opening session?  Can we transform this blank open space into a futuristic Moroccan oasis?  Yes!


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Company Holiday Parties

Posted by Justina Treventi on Wed, Dec 19, 2012

As a full service meeting planning company, producing wonderful events year round is second nature to us. This leaves me wondering, why oh why is it so hard to plan our annual holiday party for our own staff. One would think we would start planning as soon as we finish one and that we’d be full of awesome ideas; yet every year we wait until about two months before the party to start thinking about it and then scramble to find a venue, create a theme and secure entertainment.

Now it’s not that this is a low priority – showing our appreciation to our staff for a year of great work is a high priority. I think the problem is really the pressure to perform. Because we have an office full of creative thinkers, there is extra emphasis on “how are we going to top what we did last year”. How are we going to come up with new and creative ideas? How can we make sure our team members feel like the special people they are – provide the same feeling to them that they provide to our clients and their attendees? How can we use the party not only as a celebration, but as a way to inspire our team members to keep the creative juices flowing in the year to come is the challenge? Lastly, how do we do this in upstate New York where our resources are not as vast as if we were located in a major metropolitan area?


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Chamber Angels

Posted by Kristina Agresta on Thu, Dec 13, 2012

The November month of thanks quickly spreads into December holidaytmp 404 11 24 2010 123411 cheer as radio stations start playing Christmas music and storefronts change displays to lights and brightly wrapped boxes.  The spirit of holiday music, warm gatherings with friends and colorful festive decorations are only a few of the things that put people in a good mood during the month of December. I also believe that these things are exactly what make others stop and reflect on how fortunate they are.


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Site Solutions Worldwide wears PINK for Awareness

Posted by Kristina Agresta on Thu, Oct 18, 2012

As meeting professionals, we assist clients in achieving their Corporate CSRSocial Responsibility goals during their conference. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility extends beyond helping our clients integrate it into their events. We practice it right here in our very own office. On Wednesday, October 17, 2012 team members from Site Solutions Worldwide wore an article of pink clothing to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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