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Objectives of your Conference Theme

Posted by Lisa Appiarius on Mon, Apr 15, 2013

A theme / tag line is a must for any conference.  It projects the theme of your conference and sets the tone for what your speakers, exhibitors and your attendees can expect. The difference between “Building Bridges” and “Profit for the Future” sends two entirely different messages.  “Building Bridges” might indicate a conference theme centered on relationship building, networking  and how to open doors (not the Department of Transportation constructing bridges), whereas, the latter would indicate perhaps a more technical conference consisting of fiscal accountability, achievable goals, number crunching and statistics. 

Most importantly, know what you want to achieve at your next conference. 456 The theme of your conference should be determined first and foremost with a specific goal in mind.  Establish what the core content of your conference will be about. If your conference is centered on the medical industry, you may want to focus on medical advancement pertaining to the future.  With this in mind, you may determine that you will need to incorporate speakers who are able to provide information and facts about the future outlook of medicine, current studies and medical technologies that focus on future treatments. Once you have determined the focal point, you can create a tag line that will draw attention and create interest. Make your tag line meaningful, not just a pretty party favor. “Pathways to Wellness” indicates the future and health. At first glance potential exhibitors and sponsors will want to explore if this is a good spotlight for them to promote their goods and services.  Their interest is peeked. Medical professionals such as scientists and doctors who concentrate on breaking ground with medical advancements would more than likely be fueled by this introduction and display immediate interest. For attendees it will help determine if your conference will be a useful resource, providing them with the tools, education and information they need to advance and move forward in their perspective field or personal life.  Conference participants at all levels want to know if your event will be a “good fit” for them. The purpose of your tag line is to generate interest and promote further investigation into your event.


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Promotional Ideas for your Next Conference

Posted by Christine King on Thu, Apr 4, 2013

Are you getting bored with the promotional products you get for attending conferences?  What about the ones that you give away to your attendees?  Do you have room in your closet for another tote bag or in your kitchen for another water bottle?   Get the hint yet…..we need to break away and find something fresh and new to give away at our next conferences.  To help get you started with your own brainstorming session – here are a few ideas:



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