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What's Useful in Registration Reporting?

Posted by Sara Burton on Tue, Nov 4, 2014


Having access to real time registration reports is extremely beneficial when planning for a conference.  Our online registration system has capabilities of viewing and exporting customized, up to the minute reports at any given time throughout the day.  Whether you are analyzing reports for a specific conference or comparing the same report year to year, the data collected is such an essential component for planners.


Now let’s think of this in a marketing perspective.  

Registration data is a very useful resource when creating your conference marketing timeline.  Based on your past conferences, you can use your “weekly total confirmed registrant” report to figure out the most popular time frames for when people register.  You can base when you schedule your marketing emails to go out on these historical records.

How about social media?

It has become such a popular element in registration and the easiest way to get socially connected with your attendees!  Be sure to request attendee’s social media URL’s so that you can report on it – Take that report and implement it into your social media before, during and after the conference.  You always want to encourage conversation!



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