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Engaging Your Attendees

Posted by Debra Marshall on Fri, Sep 19, 2014

Long gone are the days when sitting in front of a PowerPoint presentation listening to the droning on of an “industry expert” were enough to satisfy attendees at educational events.   To be successful, today’s events need to uniquely balance the needs and expectations of a variety of generations.

Participation, whether before, during or after the event satisfies the needs of Generation Y who are APEC_111211_RicNoyle_188looking for a “real experience”.   How are you engaging them in co-creation? How are you making their attendance worth their while?

Transparent and honest information helps satisfy the needs of Generation X.  They need to know what they are paying for and how it personally relates to them. The more personal you can make your content, the better.

Most generations require some type of different or new models of interaction. Meetings and events are no longer just a stand alone, one-off activity: they have an important role in communities and year-round dialogues.  

Technology offers a somewhat economical vehicle to reach most of your audience. Are you using it to your organization’s advantage?

Keeping up with what your audience is looking for is a full time commitment.  If you’re not checking in with them or worse yet, don’t know who they are, you are probably going to suffer in your attendance numbers. 

Coming up with fresh new content and ideas can be as easy as posing thought provoking questions on your social media site.  Interacting with your constituents and involving them in your entire planning process can help to keep your content relevant and your attendees coming back for more.

What unique ways are you engaging your attendees to help ensure you are giving them what they want? 

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