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Be Creative on Global Meeting Industry Day

Posted by Candice McRacken on Thu, Apr 6, 2017

You never know when an idea is going to strike!  You could be driving, sleeping or running a marathon.  Once the idea is there, you question how crazy it might sound at first or if it will even go over well.  Could we get a troupe of stunt bike riders to perform for the opening session?  Can we transform this blank open space into a futuristic Moroccan oasis?  Yes!

Once you have the idea, you must find a way to execute it and that takes a thought process.  Like a seed, an idea must grow from an electrical impulse going through the right side of the brain to a tangible experience that grabs the human senses and makes an impression.  Today is Global Meeting Industry Day and we want to celebrate the ideas, because ideas are the seeds of creativity.   As members of the meeting industry, we are charged with making those seeds grow for our clients and attendees. 

We have seen a lot of ideas grow into some unique and creative experiences, so we compiled some of our favorite to create one fantastic event! 


Most unique food and beverage display – At first you see a sweet pineapple, but then it smiles at you!  Food comes to life with displays from http://www.wiseguysinteractive.com








Most unique meeting venue -

FedEx Oakland Airport in Oakland, California














“The event took place on the airport runway and we had a FedEx airplane that people could go in and walk around.” – Kristina Catrambone
















Most creative general session opener

“The Drum Cafe at the MapInfo User Conference was the most unique opening that I saw!” – Debra Marshall








Lisa Comier submitted -

“When the sponsor was UPS and a video tracked the UPS driver from the warehouse to the hotel, inside the lobby, up the escalator to the doors of the general session and inside the session the doors opened and the UPS driver came running through the audience up to the podium to drop of the package to the guest speaker. The UPS overnight package had the speaker’s speech inside.”

Most creative event décor

- “Exhibitors were in an open field and wood shacks were built for each exhibitor.  You met with exhibitors in these shacks and each exhibitor decorated their “booth” differently.” – Megan Brouwer

- “This décor and tenting from Gypset in LA is great for bringing people together for networking and interaction outdoors at your event.”  – Lisa Appiarius



Best registration technology used    




Best entertainment experience -  There was a gentle breeze making the palm trees sway, the sun was setting on the water and the local Hawaiian band was playing on the beach!


Most unique mode of transportation used at a meeting -  






Who won’t want to arrive in a race car!











Most unique reception theme – A tailgate is always fun, so why not have a tailgate reception!







Tailgate reception


Best swag or meeting giveaway

“Luggage weigher!”  - Sarah Hughes

Best conference app

“It was a one-stop shop for digitally accessible recourses for attendees.  It became a simple platform to connect between sponsors and attendees.  This app has an easy communication flow for updates and announcements throughout the conference.  Due to its seamless set up, it’s simple and easy to use tools, we plan to use this app again for a few more clients this coming year!”  -  Sara Aldrich



Best Corporate Social Responsibility event

“When I went to a conference last year, they showed a video of a well-known corporate company that really wanted to give back but did not want to give the traditional monetary contribution. Instead, they had a group of volunteers go to a local area and help clean up and build a park. They did all the grunt work and saw the project completely through. This was extremely rewarding for the corporate company involved and beyond appreciated by the local community.” – Marissa Streun


Let your creativity grow! 

Happy Global Meeting Industry Day from Site Solutions Worldwide!


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