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A Day of Thanks!

Posted by Site Solutions Worldwide on Wed, Nov 23, 2016



Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to those that make a difference in our lives. We often think of how privileged we are to work in an environment that reaches so many people in so many different fields and on so many different levels. While Thanksgiving is a time that reminds us of how thankful we are for our family and friends, Site Solutions Worldwide wants everyone involved in this amazing industry of ours to know how thankful we are of all of you.

Clients that understand the importance of sharing knowledge and the experience in face to face meetings. Being a part of organizing and molding the experiences for everyone is a constant thrill and we are always left feeling honored that we played a role in the growth of each group we work with.

Speakers that take the time out of their day to share their experiences to listening audiences, expanding their horizons and knowledge base.

Sponsoring and exhibiting companies that support organizations allowing them to hold conferences as well as providing the ability to network and expand in areas that they may not have had the ability to do so on their own. Without their support many groups would have a much more difficult time reaching their mission and their impact would be much less apparent.

The volunteers that help to support our clients in more ways that can be mentioned. From people that volunteer to be on planning committees to those that work behind the registration desk or door monitors at a conference, your dedication and time is a gift that is invaluable.

To everyone in the industry, too many to list, audio visual technicians, catering, people that work in the middle of the night to set up rooms for the next morning, just to name a few, the experiences that we’ve had with all of you are priceless.

And of course everyone that attends conferences. Getting to know all of you in the many different fields has simply made it all worthwhile. From the many families in the rare disease conferences, to all the incredible researchers, physicians, surgeons and nurses that support these families. To all the amazing people that support our nation and keep everyone safe by putting their own lives at risk. To all the business people that are finding new ways of making our lives better and creating new jobs. We at Site Solutions Worldwide wish you and yours a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

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