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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil: Warm and Welcoming

Posted by Kristi Harbers on Thu, Jun 26, 2014

Well after much hype about Brazil not being ready for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I think they have done an impressive job to be ready. I had mentioned in a previous blog, Brazil: Are they Ready?, that the airport in Brasilia seemed far from being completed. However upon arrival I found the new gates were completes and a bigger terminal completed. Some minor construction on new food venues within the airport were being completed, but plenty of other options were available.


I had also mentioned that many tickets were held back leading up to the tournament. So far attendance has been very high however there have been a few matches where attendance was much lower than fans who wanted tickets want to hear, the Netherlands vs Spain match for example had over 3,500 empty seats in Salvador. In Brasilia though, the Estadio Nacional is the second largest venue in the World Cup and has 68,349 seats, has been at capacity, and the match between Brazil and Cameroon can also be expected to be at capacity. Tickets are also available daily so fans can still get the opportunity to see their favorite team play.


The atmosphere in Brazil is as one would expect in a country were soccer is basically a religion. People are very excited to have the World Cup in Brazil. Anywhere you go you can find a match on, whether it’s in the hotel lobby, at the fan fest stages throughout the country or in the mall on a giant screen and TVs setup in the food court. With the matches so spread out in Brazil, fans are following their teams around the country instead of staying in one location as many were able to do in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. With this said, I’m seeing many different groups of fans rolling through our hotel in Brasilia which is in very close proximity to the stadium, walking distance. We’ve had fans from Switzerland, Ecuador, Cote d’Ivoire, and Columbia so far and despite there being a loser at each match, all fans are in great spirits and friendly following the matches, having drinks together and just enjoying the fact that they are at the World Cup.


I would say my overall experience in Brasilia at the World Cup has been great. The Brazilians I’ve been working with at the different hotels we’re using have been very easy to work and accommodating. The weather in Brasilia is probably the best weather out of the 12 host cities. It’s sunny, not humid and around 80 degrees Fahrenheit every day, perfect weather for a soccer match. And I’ve already been able to go to a match and have tickets for another one.


I think if the Brazilians keep up the good work, then Rio 2016 Olympics will also be a successful event.


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