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What’s your toughest Site Selection challenge?

Posted by Nathalie Whitton on Tue, Feb 28, 2012

Site Solutions Worldwide's CEO answers the question....

    What’s your toughest Site Selection challenge?

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What have been the most challenging issues you face when selecting a location and site for your next conference?  Has it been the actual location (city, state) or has it been the venue itself or a combination of both?  I always consider it a personal challenge to find the perfect hotel for our clients based on what’s important to them. 


Some of the more challenging or interesting criteria have been looking for locations that can accommodate some of these requests or requirements:

  • A property that can accommodate 200 people in wheelchairs
  • A hotel that will allow horses, alligators and snakes in the ballroom at the SAME time
  • Request to negotiate reduced tax and gratuity rates
  • Complimentary roundtrip airport transfers for ALL the attendees
  • Waive ALL guestroom attrition AND the minimum F&B requirement

Each of these bullet points alone represents its own unique challenge to finding the right conference or meeting site.   While we have been successful at accommodating each request listed, it took careful research, negotiations, and honed site selection skills to make it happen for each client’s request. 

I would welcome hearing some of your more challenging site requirements. Please post your comments below.

Nathalie Whitton
CEO @sswmeetings



Important Factors of the Site Selection Decision


Photo credit: California Academy of Sciences (APEC USA Host Committee event 9.12.12)

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